If you put a good sized pillow under your man's back it will let your legs fall down beside his hips farther and; instead of lying on top, just kneel and lower yourself on to him. Do you go out with the women at work. How did you get around to changing your outlook. " I swallowed hard. Each man stripped off all his clo- thing, and we were there to give them a little oral assistance in get- ting UP for the occasion. No sooner had she knelt, than the others walked in, rubbing the sleep from their eyes. I love Jill, and I realized it then, and I wanted to leave with her just so we could hold each other and kiss all night. For those who missed my first letter, I'm a graduate student at an Ivy League college, and Shauna is a freshman at the same school. "Send $5. I ask "Have you been a good girl.