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Need advertising

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We arrived on time, took a taxi to the cottage. Met, hugged, kissed. It turned out that we are not the only guests at grandparents. The son of Lenochkin's older sister arrived, that is, Lenochkin's nephew Volodya. He completed his first year of university. Medium height, thin, with glasses he looked like a nerd. We had lunch, walked to the river and sat down to dinner.
- No, they don’t interfere with Ir, when will you start? Are you afraid of him?
Tell me how you are with the girls, Galya asked.
The last sentence seemed ambiguous to me. I can’t say that I didn’t dream about it, looking at the wide hips of the brother-in-law and the poured buffers of the sixth size. Knowing about her reputation, I had previously dreamed of a hot intercourse with this sexually mature female, but due to the age difference and proximity to my grandmother, I was afraid to consider the option of intimacy seriously.
Zina went to the restaurant in the morning to arrange a banquet. Olezha was called to work for dinner. I was alone in the apartment with him. The member did not leave my head, but I understood that this was not right, so I prevented in every possible way the subsequent pictures that my imagination painted.
Like? You can touch them: until we finish, they will be completely yours.
- I'm crazy! I didn’t even think that I would want to love you like Alyoshka!


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